Human Hanged:I and my God know the truth. You people are just doing your duty, so I forgive you



A charted accountant by profession, also awarded the best accountant of the year in 1992 by the Memon community, he was charged for financially assisted his brother Tiger Memon and Dawood Ibrahim in planning and executing the bombings. According to government Memon allegedly handled Tiger's funds, funded the training of 15 youths who were sent to Pakistan to learn the art of handling arms and ammuniYakub-Memontion, purchased the vehicles used in the bombings, and stockpiled weapons.

The Indian Central Bureau of Investigation claims that Memon was arrested at New Delhi railway station on 5 August 1994. However, Memon claims that he surrendered to police in Nepal on the 28 July 1994. Memon was arrested with a briefcase which contained a recording of a conversation he had in Karachi.

Memon filed an appeal before the Supreme Court of India under Section 19 of the TADA Act and State of Maharashtra filed a reference before the court for the confirmation of Memon's death sentence. On 21 March 2013, the Supreme Court confirmed Memon's conviction and death sentence for conspiracy through financing the attacks. The Court held that Memon's role was limited not only to the extent of correspondence between the masterminds and all other accused, but he was also entrusted with task of handling the explosive bags and for their safe keeping, which is stated in the confessional statements of various co-accused persons. It also held that Memon was actively involved in havala transactions for the purpose of facilitating the blasts. The judges called him the "mastermind" and "driving force" behind the bombings. Memon has consistently claimed innocence.

On 28 July 2015, Memon filed a fresh writ petition before the Supreme Court challenging the order passed in the curative petition contending that the required quorum was not present based on the interpretation of the Supreme Court Rules. After the hearing, the two judges disagreed on the issue and passed an order requesting the Chief Justice of India (CJI) to urgently constitute a larger bench. On July 29, the Supreme Court rejected his petition. Memon also submitted a petition for clemency to Maharashtra Governor C. Vidyasagar Rao and a fresh petition to President Mukherjee, both of which were rejected. As a final resort Memon's lawyers filed a plea for 14-day stay of execution with Supreme Court Chief Justice citing that there needs to be 14 day period between a mercy plea rejected by president and the execution. A three-judge bench convened at 2:30 IST to hear the arguments. After hearing the arguments the bench upheld the execution, rejecting Memon'slawyers arguments.

These were the final words that he uttered:

“Main aurmerarab hi jantahaikiasliyatkyahai. Aap log toh duty karrahehainisliye main aapkomaafkartahoon (I and my God know the truth. You people are just doing your duty, so I forgive you).”

“He didn’t appear shaky at all, he was not trembling. He seemed to be quite composed and ready to spend the last few minutes of his life in a dignified manner. He was brought out of his barrack at 6.50 am. His face was covered with a black cloth and hands tied at the back with three constables taking him over the ramp-like elevated concrete path leading to the gallows. Along the way, a constable just uttered the word ‘chappals’. Yakub understood what he meant right away. He immediately removed his slippers saying “Haan, nikalletahoon” and walked the remaining distance without them.yakub-memon759

Exactly at 7 am, Jail Superintendent Yogesh Desai pulled the iron lever making the trapdoor beneath Yakub’s feet drop. At 7.30 am, his body was brought down and the jail’s doctor declared him dead,” sources said, narrating the last 10 minutes of Yakub’s life.


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