• Begging for Justice for Humans
    Who is to blame? Every time an incident like one which occurred on 28 November 2019, in which the brutal nature of humans came to limelight where a veterinary Dr. Priyanka Reddy just 26 years of age had to face such a wrenching human act and the question is who…
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    Beware! AAP is coming. This article gives a basic view of Fategarh Sahib during the shaheedi jor mela this is when the parties organize there rallies and here is the review of each of these. Senior Journalist went to review for all our readers  who couldn't reach Fategarh Sahib at…
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  • Multicolored voice – SHAMSHER SINGH SANDHU
    AS we all know the name of the Canadian Punjabi Ghazal writer and singer Shamsher Singh Sandhu who maintained the multicolored culture of Punjab all over the world. Read below to know about his journey of life. sqrMgI pING -krmjIq isMG, cMzIgVH Ìon 99150-91063   ÈmÈyr sMDU dI ÈÉsIaq ƒ…
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    The Panj Piyare serving at the akal takht are back with there ultimatum and action plan. Our senior editor has brought light to this below. Panj piyare have given time upto 2 January 2015 for acton. idl dy ivhVy `c Cwl afeI hY nUr dI krmjIq isMG, cMzIgVH mobfiel :…
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  • Khalsa and The war of Chamkaur Sahib (Chamkaur di jung)
    In the month of December and January we remember our Guru Gobind Singh ji and his sacrifices. We should not forget one of the in equal wars of the world "The War of Chamkaur Sahib". In the memories of our Guru and four sahibzada's. These months are remembered as the…
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