• The Mission to Awaken
    The mission to awaken the souls out of an unknown and dreadful danger surrounding the land of rivers PUNJAB has been launched by Bhai Harsimran Singh under which an organisation has been launched to gather intellectual Sikhs and punjabi's from all over the world under one roof to discuss and…
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  • Multicolored voice – SHAMSHER SINGH SANDHU
    AS we all know the name of the Canadian Punjabi Ghazal writer and singer Shamsher Singh Sandhu who maintained the multicolored culture of Punjab all over the world. Read below to know about his journey of life. sqrMgI pING -krmjIq isMG, cMzIgVH Ìon 99150-91063   ÈmÈyr sMDU dI ÈÉsIaq ƒ…
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