Begging for Justice for Humans


Who is to blame?

Every time an incident like one which occurred on 28 November 2019, in which the brutal nature of humans came to limelight where a veterinary Dr. Priyanka Reddy just 26 years of age had to face such a wrenching human act and the question is who is to blame?
As per the Supreme court of our prestigious country a report submitted by the high court of various states and their respective police representatives gives an account of around 24212 cases of sexual assault and rape being reported in the first 6 months of this year while many go unregistered or unnoticed, let's take these numbers into count which makes 132 such heinous crimes on an average per day are reported. While all this the society sleeps. Who is to blame?
While the politics is played dirty, religion and caste being the ball game of justice making it a setback for setting us on the back foot on what it is claimed to be legally just and equal. Question remains the same that who is to blame?
Are we safe? while the crimes are on a rise.
Are the animals and environment safe? while the brutality and pollution touches the peak.
How will the justice be served? Who is the saviour? you! me! judicial system!
Is the society to be blamed? Are we to be blamed?

The answers are for you to figure out, YES! you the readers, the representatives of this collective society. While I the author has limited resources and thought to my disposal. I hope you understand my incapability to answer all these questions and many others like these individually. Still I will try anyway.
So this according to me is an social illness.
Yes! an illness.
A psychological one indeed!
Yes! a mental disorientation!

Which needs more awareness while this kind of acts are glorified by the entertainment media in many of their artworks giving formation to the image of Indian MACHO man. The male dominated society of ours has many hidden dark secrets which are facts and illness filled minds which need scientific reasoning and thought. The justice won't just be served by punishing of the individuals or letting the politicians use these moments to target religious sentiments but to think about and working towards the treatment of this deep rooted illness.
Guru Nanak Dev ji and all the ten Gurus have blessed us with the teachings of equality and so is this to be cherished not only by learning and teaching but also by implementing and following. So everyone one can be free from clutches of this menace, illness which is deep rooted in the politics and MACHO Indian thought which can be seen in the misogynistic language which needs a real treatment. Until then trust must be given carefully and awareness must be spread.
You the representative of this society will have to treat this illness which is breading in your own homes by raising your voices and spreading a word.
Then this might constitute as justice to Nirbhaya, Justice to Priyanka Reddy and all those unnamed victims hidden in this society, who due to this illness have faced all the trouble, destruction, cruelty, ruthlessness and torture, begging for justice for humans. This kind of self-esteem is an illness let those MACHO men know. Together you can stop this mindset of objectification of the better half of humans as a plaything.